In Jonjoncito village of the municipality of Uribia in northern Colombia is the Wayuu indigenous community Atüschon (reaching the hill) in this community thirty two wayuu artisans are engaged in the weaving of wayuu bags with premium quality, one thread, these wayuu bags represent the variety of designs that has this millenary culture, but likewise, as skilled weavers have adapted new designs that come from the social relationship between their wayuu indigenous culture and western culture, thus innovating new designs without departing from the tradition they possess. as weavers. IIpuana Waya (we are IIpuana) marks his self-determination with this name to remind us that the Wayuu weave from their own cultural conception and from what they perceive from another culture; Proof of this is the beautiful Wayuu bags that they offer at Wayuu Market.

iipuana waya

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