How are the Wayuu bags?

In Wayuu Market you can get bags 100% handmade by Wayuu artisans. These products stand out for their bright and cheerful colors. Wayuu bags can have geometric designs or they can be in solid colors. In the elaboration of Wayuu bags they use colored acrylic fiber threads. Sometimes the bags are usually made with cotton or nylon. The technique used to make Wayuu bags is crochet. Making a Wayuu bag can take 20 days. Wayuu bags are unique, generally no two are alike. The size of Wayuu bags usually varies, since they are made in different communities and by different artisans. But there are some standard measurements.

Wayuu Bag Large

Wayuu Bag Medium

Wayuu Bag Mini

Do you know how we measure Wayuu gauze?

The gauze or straps that the wayuu bags carry are a great example of Wayuu tissue. These have a great variety in sizes and colors. The colors of the gauze should perfectly match the bag. Men are in charge of making the straps. The making of the gauze is a painstaking process and they use crochet yarn. During this process they are dedicated to folding, cutting, twisting, knotting, gluing and shaping the thread. They also use the technique of one or two needles as required. The length of the gauze varies according to the craftsman; while the width of the gauze depends on the size of the backpack. Although the gauze measurements may vary, we have some measurements that can help you: 95cm-100cm- 110cm.

Have you ever wondered what the tennis ball is used for in the photos?

You’ve probably wondered what the tennis ball that appears in the photos of our products is for. Many people find it a bit difficult to know the size of Wayuu bags and it can generate a lot of confusion because these bags come in a wide variety of sizes, because there are different artisans who make them. Due to this, the need arose to use a tennis ball as a reference so that they have an idea of ​​what the size of the Wayuu bags is, they only have to compare the size of a tennis ball with the bag and in this way they can have an idea. Clear of the size of the Wayuu bag, the measurement is 8cmx8cm. The tennis ball is not included with the product.

How to know the hardness of a Wayuu bag?

Not all Wayuu bags are the same, there are some that have a stronger fabric and others that are softer, all depending on the design they have and the craftsman who made them. This can be found at the bottom of the label, which includes: the name of the store, the product code, the type of material with which the bag was made and finally the hardness range. We classify the hardness of a Wayuu bag in a range from 1 to 5; 1 is very soft, and 5 is very strong.