How does the Wayuu Market work?

The Perks of Buying at The Wayuu Market

The Wayuu Market gives you direct access to Wayuu artisan shops, and Wayuu designers at one place.

We work as a mediator and host Wayuu products from different artisan shops throughout La Guajira to provide a central place for individuals and wholesale buyers to access a large variety of inventory. The artisans own the shops and set the best prices they can for you, so you can acquire your own collection of  Wayuu, high-quality art.

Get access to local pricing

The Platform allows for individuals to order bags, the higher shipping prices for low quantities still offers a very competitive price, but significant discounts start happening at 10+ bags.

Get together with your friends and family and order many bags to enjoy wholesale prices as well!

Obtain discounted super-fast shipping through UPS and DHL

We worked out a deal with the best carrier partners we could find in the region to get the items to you fast and safe. The more you ship the more you save per bag. We got a significant discount from the carriers and we pass that on to you! You can calculate this more accurately in the cart.

Request collaborations with the artisans at 20+ pieces

We can help you collaborate with the artisans to develop an exclusive collection for your store! We work with several wholesale producers that want to collaborate with designers. Contact us to know more about this.


Build your Wayuu Bag or buy RAW products

You can't find what you like? Build your own unique piece, starting from the bottom of the bag.  Pick and choose from the assorted bottoms to match with the style of the strap you like. You can pick type, design, and length. If you start from a solid color bag, you would have to pick the colors of the strap from our color chart. On the other side, you can just buy the product raw!

Customer service in Spanish, English, and Wayuunaiki

So, we are the perfect bridge of communication between all the parties involved. And since we work so close to the artisans, we get to be there to guide them and accompany them so they have quality control processes and product development.


A bridge of collaboration with designers

We can help you collaborate with the artisans to make a collection just for you and your store. The Wayuu Artisans are versatile and creative. Most of them welcome collaborations with people that are willing to understand and respect their culture. Many high fashion brands around the world source products from the Wayuu to the world. Ethically sourced products that support a generation of indigenous artisans; the biggest native artisan community of the Americas!



Save Money and Time

We use advanced tech tools to help artisans and fill their commercial needs while we optimize processes to bring you the most competitive prices and a high-quality service that can optimize the exchange.

*Note that every purchase outside of the USA ($800 USD) or Colombia could be subject to charges due to import taxes by your country. Most purchases are not but it is better to be sure. The Wayuu Market is not responsible to cover the cost for import taxes; please visit your local authority's website.

Tax Rates: