The Uwoma Association concentrates eighty wayuu artisans who are experts in the weaving of the hat characteristic of this indigenous culture, the mawisa straw or Isi in Wayuunaiki (language of the wayuu indigenous people), taking in the hands of these craftsmen various forms such as wayuu hats, baskets, placemats, clutch and a whole compendium of innovated products, Elvis González is the artisan of the Community of Wososopo in Alta Guajira who has represented his community in artisan scenarios such as Expoartesanías in Bogotá and Expoartesano in Medellin, events organized by Artesanías de Colombia. For the Uwoma Association, the mixture of mawisa weave with other elements gives life to new products that nowadays travel the country and the world.

Asociación UWOMA

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